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Super convenient

Very reliable, doesn’t crash. Only downside is it lacks the functionality of turning off the “your ticket has been closed” email when closing a ticket within the app. You need to be on the desktop version. Would also be nice to have a swipe to delete option rather than having to go into each message.

Crashes on iPhone X

App crashes when ticket is opened which has embedded image. Latest update didn’t fix it.

Great app but not for iPhone X

App works fine on iPhone X. However, when I open the ticket that has attachment of picture, app crashes right away. If this is fixed, app works just great !

Useful iphone app for desk

The app works well...it is missing task options though so please add this function.

Worth it!

We're integrating nearly all of the Zoho solutions into our existing operations. We couldn't be more pleased - and don't shy away from it because it seems like a lot of apps to install... because it's NOT. Each one is simple to understand and any questions we have had, never had a chance to become "issues" that "fell through the cracks". I'm assuming that the level of communication and support they give is a shining example and endorsement of how their own SYSTEM is working.

Desk Tickets in IPad IOS Support Tickets

Been using this app as soon as I found it by Zoho support websites and navigating around. Easy to use, at first it’s weird, but now I love it on My iPad better than I do my browser Windows Chrome. So I give it 5 stars. My only critic thing I need is chats to come on my IPAD from our support portal. I have a meeting tomorrow morning with support and I think Development team. If I got that feature I would rate this app a 10.... Dawn

Can’t assign

For some reason I can no longer assign tickets through the app. It says it assigns, but when I refresh it goes back to the unassigned queue. Not sure what is going on here.

Easy, effective tickets.

This app is an affect tool to create and manage service request tickets on your phone or tablet. The nice design allows you to check and update statuses without too many complicated menus. I am using the free Zoho Desk product and I’m happy with what it offers me both via the web and on my phone. I recommend it!

Excelente aplicación

Fácil de usar e intuitiva. Muy bien diseñada.


Problems with App or Zoho services? Laptop cant connect to zoho but connects to dozens of other sites. Ipad connects but cant update ticket with time and parts. I can Only review. It may be intuitive for a 2 year old but i get stuck in tight loops frequently.

Notifications don't work and crashes

Notifications never work. If it did just that I would give it 3 stars! Obviously as other people have commented it crashes and does random things unexpectedly risking your business reputation

Useless crap

Super crap software. Can't even log in. And judging by other reviews, even if that worked, the rest of the app is still crap.

Ticket deletion

This app is simply riddled with bugs. Half of the time tickets randomly become unassigned and the other half the app doesn't update/reflect resolutions and comments. I can't rely on this app rendering it useless.

Great to view and create quick tickets.

Great for catching up with tickets from Zoho Support. No crash issues on iOS 8.4. Perhaps incorporating report viewing could be useful to most.

Does not work it crashes

Unable to open it, it crashes right away.

Crashes every time I open

I was able to open it immediately after I downloaded but after the first time i have been unable. Crashes immediately upon launch. Very disappointed as the Zoho CRM app is great.

Crashes constantly

I wasn’t able to use this app because each time I clicked on the Open Tickets tab (left), it crashed. Crashlogs were submitted .. hopefully, they can sort this out.


This app is severely limited. You can't see history, approvals, resolutions, tasks, time entry, attachments, and recent tickets tabs. Entering a new requests is extremely painful without the rich text formatting or premade templates. This app is a dumbed down version of a dumb web service.

Needs work

App crashes sometimes when attempting to refresh data. I never get any notifications even though I have them enabled. Only get sound and badges and no actual notifications.

Crashes on Search

Love the love but when I search on iPhone 6 iOS 8.1 The app crashes. This also happened in 8.01 and 8.02 iOS versions. Fix issue with search as it is very important to use on mobile devices.

Like It But Copy and Paste is Broken

Cannot copy or paste in ticket replies. Screen just shakes up and down.

Best Tool for organizing technical support

You need to be using Zoho Support backend though.

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